How environmentally friendly is your vehicle?
“The Stigg“ allows you to take control of emissions testing for your vehicle.


Recent news regarding emission reporting shows that one cannot rely on laboratory values based on ideal driving conditions. However, if you test your vehicle emissions yourself, you don’t have to believe others.  

The Stigg allows you take control of emission testing with the help of a simple, easy to use app. Just connected to your vehicle using The Stigg and the App provides you with your vehicle’s actual emission values directly to your smartphone.


We bring light to the smoky darkness


Vehicle owners deserve to know the truth. The Stigg uncovers how environmentally friendly your car is in its everyday driving mode. The app collects real emission data and compares it with your model‘s nominal values.



So you are able not only to uncover possible falsely published values, but you are also in a position to understand the impact of your driving style on the environment.  Through the use of simple graphic depictions, the data provided by The Stigg is easy for any level of user to interpret and install. You no longer need to be a mechanic to understand your emissions report. 


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